About Tatjana Kursova

Before moving to Melbourne from her native Latvia in 2000, Tatjana completed 3 years of osteopathy school. In 2001 she graduated as an integrated massage therapist and began practising. Shortly after, she completed a 3-year advanced diploma of myotherapy, as well as a certificate in Cranio-Sacral therapy from the Upledger Institute in Florida, USA.
    In 2004 Tatjana decided to focus her attention and clinical learning on Visceral Therapy and specifically visceral manipulation (VM). Developed by the French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral, VM is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. Tatjana has dedicated the past 5 years to learning as much as she can about VM. Her studies have taken her to multiple countries including USA, France and Singapore. To learn more  about visceral manipulation, click here

      Tatjana’s aim is to use her practical knowledge of various disciplines and techniques to keep the human body’s self-healing mechanism switched on and functioning as efficiently as possible. To harmonise and enhance this process, Tatjana uses her own unique combination of VM, cranio-sacral therapy and myotherapy.