Patients @ Small Street

Small Street Clinic sees a variety of patients from all walks of life for a variety of reasons. The practitioners that practice here each has areas of distinct focus in which they have dedicated countless hours of post-graduate study.

We have developed resources to: (a) assist prospective patients in determining whether Small Street Clinic is the right place for them to be; and (b) provide  resources for existing patients of Small Street Clinic as an adjunct to their care.
Many patients who come to us do so because they have few other places left to turn, yet they are not sure whether are clinic is the right place for them to turn. If this sounds like you, we have found a fantastic online resource for you that might shed some insight about the cause of some of the symptoms you may be experiencing. Click on the picture below or head to NEUROSYMPTOMS.ORG

neurosymptomsorg jpeg

Prospective patients Click Here
Current patients Click here