Clinical Neuroscience in Chiropractic

To the peruser of our website: In keeping with our duty as AHPRA registered chiropractors to firstly provide factual information on our website, I will outline important information below.

I have presented this information in the form of questions. If you click on each question, you will be taken straight to the area on the webpage that addresses that question.

1. What role does clinical neuroscience play in the rehabilitation protocols used in our chiropractic practice?

3. Why do our chiropractors emphasise clinical neuroscience-based rehabilitation during your care?

4. For what kind of conditions do our chiropractors include clinical neuroscience-based rehabilitation protocols?
5. Are our chiropractors  Specialist Chiropractors?

6. Is there research evidence to prove that clinical neuroscience-based rehabiliation protocols included within chiropractic treatment will help my problem?

7. What kind of clinical neuroscience-based rehabiliation protocols/ strategies are there? Will they take long to help me?